The artwork of Kenneth Porter

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Kenneth was born in 1952 at Wellington, Texas. He developed an early interest in art during elementary school. He started painting with oil at age 14 and won Grand Champion at the local County Fair with a painting on old barn wood. His subject influence was developed as he worked for local farmers and Ranchers in the area during high school. The West Texas landscape and seemingly diminishing cowboy lifestyle has always captivated his art interest.

Kenneth operated a local art gallery for a couple of years while going to Clarendon College. As the economy of the area rapidly collapsed he decided to join the Air Force as a Graphic Artist.  It was at this time that Kenneth decided to start painting with acrylics. The transition was very smooth and to this day most people that see his artwork think it’s oil and not acrylic. During his time in the Air Force Kenneth, learned intricate design, sign painting and calligraphy. He completed his bachelor degree in Commercial Art. His pen and ink rendering of the White House was presented to former President Reagan as a gift during his visit to SAC Command Headquarters. Kenneth drew numerous portraits of high command officers and sold hundreds of pieces of artwork.

After wearing the uniform for 30 years Kenneth is back in Texas painting full time. "I have always been taught and believed that art is a form of communication. With this in mind it is important that the everyday person can visually understand the main topic of the artwork. A certain amount of realism will have to be in place to accomplish this.